Thigh Highs and sex toys

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Thigh Highs and sex toys

The phone rings , it is you on the other end asking me when we are going to get together again. I ask when is a good time for you and you say you have no plans for tomorrow. I agree and ask where we will meet,you say you are going to rent a hotel room for the night . I tell you to call me tomorrow with all the details and hang up. I sit down and pour myself a glass of wine thinking about the preperations I am going to need to do before tomorrow night,thinking to myself I am going to have a few special things planned for you. I doze off into a deep sleep. When I awaken the sun is shining and the night has passed.

I get up off the couch where I had fallen asleep and grab a cup of coffee still thinking of what I am going to do till tonight. I finish up the coffee and go get dressed figuring I can shower later to be nice and fresh for you tonight. I get in the car and start driving to the mall knowing everything I need I can get there. I get to the mall and fight with the cars trying to find a parking spot ,finally way down the other end of the parking lot I find a spot. I walk into the mall and head straight for Victoria Secret's . I rummage thru the racks trying to find just the right combination to wow you tonight.

I decide on a black lacy /thong/">thong and garter belt , a black lacy bra and black thigh highs. Yes I think this will do , I think to myself as I feel a twinge in my wetness from the excitement of what is to come.I go up to the counter to pay for the items that I am purchasing . I get full hd xvideo download my bag and practically run out the door,as I still need a couple more items to make tonight unforgettable.

I decide on bath and body works for some nice lotion ,hmmm what scent should I get . I pick out a nice soft /sensual/">sensual musk scent and grab about 20 of the same scented candles. I pay for them and decide I now have to go to the toy store and get myself a couple of new /toys/">toys. I find my way back to my car and drive tot he nearest /adult/adult-toy/">adult toy store , I feel kinda weird being in there with all the men that are prowling looking for there get off's but I make my way to the back wall and look thru the hundred's of different /vibrator/">vibrator's, dildo's and stimulator's. I pick out the most normal one I can find which happens to be a purple vibrator that comes in a four pack of anal beads and ben wah balls and a clitoral stimualtor, yeah this will do I say to myself . I pay for that and am out the door with 3 hours to spare.

I get home and decide to get into the free porn movies download shower and get myself together a little earlier then I originally thought ,but I want things perfect for tonight. As I stand in the shower I am going over every last detail in my mind. I lather up and shave making sure there isn't a spot to miss,wash my hair and turn the water off. I get out and towel dry grab the lotion I just bought and start rubbing it all over my body mmmmm I have to say I picked the perfect scent. I run into my bedroom and grab the lacy things and start putting them on stopping to look at myself in the mirror, I think to myself yes he should enjoy this.

I put on a black flowing mini skirt and a black see thru top and grab my black stiletto heels . Back into the bathroom to do the hair and makeup and then I pick up the phone and call you to find out where the hotel is. I head out the door with my toy and candle bag's in hand.

I get to the hotel 45 minutes early and go to the front desk give them the name you told me to give and head up to the room. I open the door and throw the bags on the bed ,time to start setting up . I place about 15 of the candles around the room and light them . Take the toy's out of there wrappers and place them on the night stand . I order up a bottle of champagne and wait for that , that was the perfect ending touch for a romantic night with you.

My cell phone rings it is you, you are now in the lobby heading up . I shut off the lights so that the only light we have is the glow from the 15 candles that are around the room and I hear a knock at the door. I let you in and you grab me , Our tongues start dancing in each other's mouths. You stand back and take a look at me but don't say anything. I smile at you, knowing what you are thinking. I pour a glass of champagne for us both knowing you don't drink much but figuring it would help us to relax a bit.

We finish our glass and you stand up starting to undress me, first taking off my shirt ,cupping my breasts in your hands.Undoing the clasp on my bra and letting it fall to the floor you pull my breasts to your mouth and start suckling them . You let go long enough to undo the zipper on my skirt and letting that also fall to the floor. As I stand there with only my panties,garter belt and thigh highs on I can see the bulge starting in your pants. I take my hand and place it over the bulge and start rubbing . Undoing your button and zipper with the other hand and letting your pants fall down to your ankles.

I don't even give you a chance to think before I am on my knee's taking your beautiful cock deep into my mouth and throat. You start moaning with delight and start to push into my throat deeper and deeper. You suddenly stop telling me tonight is all about me. You take off your shoes and your pants ,unbuttoning your shirt and throwing it on the chair in the corner.You notice the toys on the nightstand and smile ,telling me I guess you remembered everything. You lay me down on the bed and start licking my clit thru the lace of my thong. Moving it aside you start licking and sucking on my clit making me squirm a little. You lift up my ass and take off the thong that was constricting me.

Leaving me just in the garter belt and the thigh highs , you mumble that is better. You get up and go over to the nightstand and pick up the vibrator that I bought and bring it over to me . I can hear the humming and it is making my pussy so wet just knowing what is to come. You start rubbing the vibe all over my body hitting my nipples making them hard and then you bring it down and rub it onto my clit.I almost jump from the electricity it caused.You now take it and start rubbing it up and down my pussy lips making me moan with pleasure,you know a orgasm isn't far off for me. With one swift movement I can feel it go deep inside of me,moving it in and out in deep,fast,hard motions I start moaning uncontrolably and tell you I am about to cum.With that you move it faster and faster deep within me and lean down to start sucking my clit . In an instant I am screaming your name telling you I am cumming.

Once I come down from the incredible orgasm you just have given to me ,I tell me you need to fuck me now . You get on top of me and position your now throbbing cock right at the entrance of my wetness and thrust upward.I can feel you enter me you are so hot and oh my god you feel so good. You start fucking me slow at first almost teasing me ,you know I like it hard and fast. You start picking up the pace and I let you know how good it feels by grabbing your ass and pushing you deeper and deeper into me. You suddenly stop and tell me you want to 69 me . I get on top of you and start sucking your cock deep and hard as I am sucking you I feel you plunging deep into my /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy with my vibe again making me explode within seconds.

Trying to keep my mind on you and getting you off, I suck harder and deeper , grabbing your balls in my hand and grabbing your cock in my other hand I guide you deeper into my mouth sucking you with all I have. You tell me that you are gonna cum and I suck even harder wanting you to explode deep into my throat. Within minutes I can feel your balls tighten up and feel the hotness of your cum in my mouth . I swallow all of it and give you a moment to gather your composure. I get off of you and plop myself down on the bed beside you. Extremely satisfied but knowing that isn't the end of our night together.

Within what felt like minutes you are hard as a rock again.You tell me you want to make me scream by taking my ass. We had joked about this earlier and I told you that you were never going to get it.You roll me over with once swift push and grab a bottle of something out of your bag I assumed it was some kind of lube. I hear the top pop open and feel something cool being poured onto my ass. I feel you rubbing it in and feel a finger being pushed into my /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. I start to loosen up a little bit and hear you laugh quietly,I know I am at your mercy. You pull me up into the doggie style position and I feel you position yourself against me ,feeling your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock up against my ass. You place the head at the entrance of my ass and push a little , I tighten up instantly.You rub my ass cheeks and tell me to loosen up a bit , that you are not going to hurt me. I try to relax as much as I can . I feel you go deeper and deeper and the pain turns into pleasure. I start moaning which makes you go faster knowing you are no longer hurting me.

Faster and faster I grab onto the pillow and start screaming and moaning ohhhhhhhhhh yessssss fuckkkkkkkk myyyyyyy assssssss babyyyyyyyy. I can feel another mind blowing orgasm building up , you stick two fingers deep into my pussy while fucking my ass with everything you have in you and I cum instantly, you grab my hips and start cumming also. I collapse onto the bed with you collapsing ontop of me and lie there for a moment . You roll over and lay beside me.

I tell you I am going to shower to freshen up a bit. I shower quickly and return to the bedroom to see you smirking at me circling your fingers with a pair of handcuffs and saying then night is just beginning.

To be continued....