THE SET UP part 1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
THE SET UP part 1

One night my wife and I was talking and blowjob porn videos I asked what was one of her /fantasy/">fantasy. She told me how she would love to see another man suck my dick. I thought where did that come from. I asked if she was serious. She was. Okay moving on. I asked her whats another fantasy she might have. She tells me how would like me to blind fold her and not really know its me. And been taken advantage of. Interesting I thought. She asks me whats mine. I tell her I want to see her with another man. She laughs and asks if I was serious. I told her that I was. And she was turned on by it. So turned on, she told me to tell her how I would want the other man to do her. As I told her she started to touch herself all over. She said that the thought of it made her feel naughty. Seeing how hot and bothered she was I buried my face between her thighs until she orgasmed.

Well, a few months had pasted since that conversation and now it was time to put my wife's fantasy into play. She had no idea what was about to happen........It was Labor Day weekend. 2 of my closet friends flew in from LA,CA. for that weekend. I picked them up from the airport. I tell them that they could stay at my place due to holiday weekend. I told them not to mind my wife she pretty free walking around the house. And because there is company coming over or visiting she feels she doesn't have to cover up with clothes. My wife always says," all /ass/tit-ass/tits-and-ass/">tits and ass are the same. you've seen one you've seen them all." We pull up in the drive way and before we get out the car I ask Derek and Michael if they remembered what we discussed about "the set up". They bring back to memeories our /college/">college days and how we would set up the soroity girls.

We walk inside and I introduce my wife to Derek and Michael. I show them there rooms and where they could find everything. Later that night we all went out to a nice dinner and then to a local bar. My wife tells me not to drink too much. And I did just that as it seemed. We called for a cab to milf porn videos take us home. I played as if I had too much to drink. My wife and my 2 friends maybe only had a few drinks so they were pretty alert. We all started talking about sex. 

My wife asks the guys about the favorite positions and whats the longest they went with a woman. And I could tell she was get hot by their answers. Then they asked her if she still played with her self while I'm at work or her herself at work. She replied she has too because she is always secretly horny. I act as if I had passed out from the alcohol. She tells the guys to help me to my room. My wife takes off my clothes puts me to bed. She apologizes to the guys and tells them that I had a little much to drink. They all say good night. My wife jumps in the shower and I get up and tell Derek and Michael to follow thru with "the set up", they agreed. I ease myself back into the bed as I hear my wife getting out the shower. With my eyes slighty open I see my wife drying her hair. Then she slips into her long t shirt with no paties and crawls into be with me. She leans over and kisses me. Then I hear her open her drawer and she pulls out her /vibrator/">vibrator and plays with it. Still pretending I was passed out form the alcohol with my /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard as rock.( hearing my wife pleasuring hearself) Loving every minute of the self pleasure my wife was giving herself. I hear my bedroom door open slowly. Lost in her self giving orgasm. Derek taps my leg to let me know they where in the room. I still played sleep but turned over facing my wife snoring. My eyes slighty open. Derek takes my wife's and and leads her out the bedroom and into the living room. 

My wife tries to speak but Derek tells her not to say a word. I get up and peak around from the hallway. I see Michael walk up behind my wife and take off her T-shirt. Everything was going just as I planned and I pulled out my dick and stroked it nice and slowly. Derek sat down on the love seat with his dick in hand stroking it as we watched. Michael standing behind her walks her around and has her get doggie stlye on the couch. He spreads legs apart and have her arch her back soo her ass sticks out. Michael then kneels behind her and places his hands on ass and buries his face in her sex. Michael is licking her from top to bottom teasingly. My wife loves it as she moans with such pleasure. Then Michael takes his tonuge and starts to /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck both her holes. Instantly my wife orgasms. I was so turned on by this I had pre-cum leaking out the tip of my dick. I looked over at Derek and he was still stroking. My wife then turns around and lays on her back. Michael puts her legs on his shoulders as he once again goes to town on her. She looks around the room to see if I am watching. Its dark in the hallway so she doesn't see me. She does see Derek over on the love seat with his dick in hand stroking it watching her. 

She motions for Derek to come there. Derek doeswalking across the room /ass/butt-ass/">butt ass naked with his dick leading the way. He sits down on the couch next to them. My wife is moaning softly from Michael working on her next orgasm. Her body starts to react naturally as she feels another orgasm coming. She whispers for Derek to stroke it for slowly. Derek does just that. She starts to caress her breast and bites her lower lip and it happens again. Her body tightens up as she release another orgasm. Whew!!!!! I had to turn and paste the hallway to keep from cumming. I was letting this build up because I knew more was coming. 

Michael moves out the way and Derek steps in. Derek helps my wife to her /feet/">feet. Derek then sits on the floor with his head on the seat of the couch. Derek tells my wife to sit on his face. Her shaved pussy was soaking wet as she grabs the back of the couch and straddles his face. Derek reaches up and grabs her ass cheeks as she begins to ride his face. I hear her moan," OH baby yes!" as her paste quicken0s. Then her moans got deeper and sexier. She was soo turned on by this, that her wetness was running down Derek's chest. I don't know how Derek was able to breathe with the way my wife was riding his face. Then all of a sudden, Derek lifts my wife's ass slightly off his face and lets' his tongue flicker back and forth over her clit for a few seconds. Then something happened I never seen before. 

My wife grabs the sofa pillow and bites down on it as she has a /orgasm/squirting-orgasm/">squirting orgasm all over Derek's chest and stomach! And Derek kept at it. Michael stopped stroking his dick as pre cum was leaking all over it. My dick was so hard it hurt but I didn't want to cum yet because the best was yet to come. The guys left my wife all hot and I knew they wanted to bang her right there, right now. But they showed control and told her good night. Which left my horny and confused. 

I hurried back into bed with raging hard on and acted as if I saw nothing still snoring. My wife came back in the room checked to see if I was still sleeping. Then she went and took another shower. I then got up and acted as if I woke up with a massive hang over and took that first thing in the morning pee. I asked my wife what happened last night and she told me I passed out from too much alcohol. She told me she had just waken up and needed a shower. I thought to myself this was only the 1st night wait until tomarrow.