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As things the wwwxxx were going on about my living as louise the wife came home with jim and said they were getting me an apartment for my self. I looked at them and said just for me and they replied yes that they were going to live together from now on and did not want me in the way.

Besides she says that i wanted to live as a woman so here was my chance. I moved out the next day it was a small apartment but it would do for now. Well things were going fine and one day the wife came by with the divorce papers and said sign them.

So i did but she said that she had a suprise for me and to meet her at the doc's office on monday. Well monday rolled around and i went to the doc's to see what she had in mind, the now ex and the doc both females said that they were going to do sugery for breast implants.I said fine and got ready. When i woke up i was sor but could see a difference in my chest size . I asked what size did you give me and they looked at each other and said large.

As time went on they healed and settled in as the doc said they would. On my last appointment i was in the office and doc as checking me out when she said my don't they look great. i replied i don't know i have not looked at them until now. I looked in the mirror and saw two nice looking breasts the size of large grapefuits.

I said wow and hugged her then she started to get freindly with me and i got excited. as she pulled my pants down and started to suck on my cock the assistant walked in and said excuse me!The doc said why don't you join us and she did . She was also a tv when i got her outfit of i said my my you sure are pretty. She said and so are you. we got into a 69 position and the doc was all over us then i said why don't you fuck me.

The doc put on a /strapon/">strapon and got behind me and entered me slowly. When she was in she started to move faster and faster all the while i was sucking the assistants cock. We were going at it when doc changed her position and got in front and the assistant got behind me . there is no better feeling than a real cock up your ass.

I came all over the place . doc asked how did i like my new boobs and i said great. also how did i like her assistant. I asked her to come home with me . as i was leaving to go home doc said the breasts are 44d's and i said wow again.

The doc's assistants name is patty and she came home with me. she gave me all kinds of tips on dressing and wearing makeup. Well she was just going home in the morning when the door bell rang. I opened the door to my suprise it was my boss and his wife. they said well now haven't you gone under a new transformation haven't you. I stuttered yyyess i guess i have. Well that about what your ex had to say anyway.

I did not know she had said anything to them but it was to late now. Are you going to invite us in or not, i said come on in. Brad the boos said well how do you like being louise. i guess she told them everything. Well patty was just about to go when chris said who is this young thing. I said paty a friend of mine. Well is she like you, i said yes. How about we have some fun now chris said i said no and brad said well maybe you don't ned your job now do you.

I said wait i guess it will be ok well it did not take long for chreis and brad to strip. I want to see if all those things your ex told me were true. He came and stood in frotn of me and stuck his cock in my mouth. As i was doing him chris was doing patty she played with her cock and then had her fuck her. he was about to come when he pulled back and creamed my face ans smeared it in.

Then chris got a srtapon out of her purse and put it on she lubed it up with the come off my face and then she stuck it up my ass. all this time patty was sucking on brads cock. Well aren't the two of you fucking sluts we wwwxxx looked at each other and grinned. I then got to fuck chris while brad fucked me in the backside. Patty was pretty much done for when the door bell rang again it was the ex and jim.

She says well well are we having fun we all said yes and they joined in the fun. We all were sucking and fucking when the ex said to me i hope you are happy like this and i said youll never know how happy i am. the end