First blush

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First blush

I considered myself quite adept at being able to calculate what was supposed to or going to happen with people I came in contact with, but Karen was different. I had decided eraly on that she was special, since she was two years younger than I old waman xxxgx and had developed quite a body for her age. We lived across the street from one another and she was frequently seen out playing basketball, or volleyball wither her brother or other guys in the neighborhood. I had seen her grow up during the last year, and lay in amazement every time I saw her though my bedroom blinds, as this "little girl" was rapidly becoming a woman.
One evening I was out front with Karen, and no body else was around. We had played some basketball, sat on the curb and talked, then kind of wandered off into conversation about what life was about. She stopped and said, "Is it important to you if I feel stange?" I asked about what.

She told me that her brother had been kind of strange in the last few days and had tried to touch her "down there". I asked her what that meant and she said the chauffer had some pictures of some naked ladies in the cabinet in the basement, and her brother had found them and showed them to her. She said Mike (her brother) had shown her the pictures and made fun of her for not being like them. He had also wanted her to kiss him, and let him touch her under her clothes. I asked her, "Has he touched you?" and she said yes, but she didn't like it.

Karen began to cry, and was upset that I might not understand what had happened to her. Mike had touched her, Mike had kissed her, and Mike had behaved in a way that made her think he was trying to hurt her. He had done it several times, and Karen told me he had even taken his "thing" out and began "wiping it with his hand". She was upset because he wanted her to "wipe" it too. She explained that since he had become interested in her, she had become /scared/">scared becuase her brother was making her feel like she could get hurt. It even shot stuff out of it like it had exploded and that scared her too.

I told Karen there was nothing to worry about. We went to the cabinet where the magazines with the pictures were, and she showed me what was there. There must have been 50 magazines of all sorts with pictures of /women/">women bound, tied up, naked, with guys all around them with hard ons. There were pictures of just about everything imagineable. I immediately got a raging hard-on that was nearly impossible to overlook. Karen asked what was the matter. She noticied the lump in my pants.

I told her that I had to go to the bathroom...she told me where it was. I went and tried to calm things down a bit. She was at the door listeneing and quickly asked why I wasn't doing anything. I told her I was and she said she didn't think so, and tried to open the door. I made sure everything was in order before I opened the door and she came into the bathroom and looked at me in a bokep sma pecah perawan strange way. I told her she shouldn't be listening and she said she always listened to her brother going to the bathroom...and wondered why it made so much noise. I told her it was probably becuase we didn't "sit", and she asked me to show her. In /reality/">reality, I did have to go so I told her to "watch" and as I began to relieve myself, she asked if she could "hold on to it"...

As I began, and stiffened with her soft fingers on me, she asked why I was "coming up". There was no expanation. She stood watching and began moving her fingers. Soon, I was fully erect, and she asked if that was normal. I moved my hands down her sides and caught the lastic of her shorts and panties in my fingers on the way down, and slowly moved down. I drew my left hand across her pubic mound and found that ther was nearly no hair, and stuck my first two fingers down toward her clitoris, finding it moist with disire.

As if with one motion I pulled the tight fitting cotton panties and shorts down around her knees, and lay her over on her side while laying beside her, Karen telling me she had never done this before. I said, "I will not hurt you, just make love to me." She seemed to consent. Ther was no hesitation, and after I penetrated her, she said it wasn't this way when her brother had done it.

We enjoyed each others company well into the night. I kept my arms wrapped around her until she told me it was time to go. I stood, and she grabbed my erect member and said it was wonderful. She told me not to go. 

The following day, after school, she was waiting.

And the day after. She was wonderful. What ever happened to Karen?