Seniors Day Off

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Seniors Day Off

Its my senior year in /college/">college and the fall quarter is over. Going home for 3 weeks to rest and relax is what I need. Arriving home to my /surprise/">surprise and disapproval, Lisa my /mom/">moms /friend/best-friend/">best friend asked my mom if I could possibly give her xxx /son/">son Michael a ride to and from school for a week because his car was getting repaired. Since they are close friends of the family it was agreed by my mom that I would. This made me very upset and angry. Michael is a high school senior who recently turned 18. I am 22. Theres nothing wrong with Michael, its just that he is sort of arrogant and way to preppy.

The first couple days of driving him were actually ok. I got to know him a little better and we even shared some laughs. But, watching him get in and out of my car became an instant turn-on for me. Michael is around 6 /feet/">feet, has short dark hair, dark eyes, long skinny legs, and a nice small firm ass. He is on both cross-country and track and keeps himself in excellent shape. Never in a million years would I of dreamt of checking him out or any other guy.

On the third morning, I picked him up and we began our 4 mile journey to school. About half-way there I said "You know, Ive really enjoyed our association these past few days." He says "Oh ya cool." Seeing he wasnt taking me serious, I touched his leg with my right hand and said "I mean Ive really enjoyed taking you to school." He looks at me puzzled and says "You are not gay or anything?" I jokingly say "Of course not." Him asking me this made me extremely horny. As we entered the drive-way, he took his seat belt off and I pulled along the side. I placed my arm around his shoulder, reached over quickly and kissed him on the lips. Turning red, shocked, and to my surprise he didnt resist and pulled me back to continue the wet kiss. Realizing he was already late, I looked at him passionately and said "How does skipping sound to you?" He kissed me quickly and said "Lets do it!"

Making our way back to my house where nobody was home, I had a rock-solid hard-on. As soon as we got to my place, I grabbed Michaels hand and ran him to my bedroom. We made out again for about 2 minutes as I unbuttoned his varsity jacket and porn videos download shirt. I told him to put his hands on my dresser as I dropped to my knees. Realizing what I wanted to do, he covered his face with his hands and said very excited "Oh my God!!!" I slid down his sweat pants and briefs to his knees and stared at a nervous limp dick. Grasping it with my palm, I kissed the head and took all of it in my mouth. Slowly his cock got hard and grew in my mouth. After a few minutes, I was deep-throating a 7 inch dick. 

This continued for nearly 10 minutes, sucking and listening to him moan with pleasure. I then took his dick out of my mouth, helped him get undressed as he help me getundressed as well. I laid him on his back on my bed and continued the blow-job. After another 10 minutes of sucking his dick, I got up went to my dresser and got some lubricant. I spread it in and around his ass and around my shaft. He quickly went into doggie style using the beds head board for leverage. Me as hard as ever I slid my dick into his tight 18 year-old ass. Seeing him twitch, I pulled back a bit and slid it in again more. Hearing him moan, and after a few minutes I began a slow motion and started to fuck him a little harder each time. His pain and moaning grew more intense as I asked "Does that hurt too much?" He says frantically "No, John fuck me, John /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder !!!" Now banging my balls against his ass I increased my motion and before I knew it I was about to cum. Sensing this, Michael quickly turns over and opens his mouth and says demandingly "/mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth!!!" I shot my load all over his face and mouth which gracefully he swallows. 

We then showered and it hit me. Michael has not cum yet! Knowing this as we dried off, I jump on my bed reach for the lube and say to Micheal "Your turn /guy/big-guy/">big guy!" I again gave him head as he spread my legs and lubed me and his dick. He turns me over and places my legs on his shoulders. His dick felt so good inside me. There was a sharp pain but as his throbbing increased I grew to like and enjoy it very very much! Feeling his smooth, skinny 18 year-old body against mine as he fucked me with all his might made me cum again. 

After a good 15 minutes of fucking, Michael pulled his dick out of my ass and placed it in front of my waiting mouth and tongue and blew his load all over my face getting most of it in my mouth. Using my fingers, I scrapped and scooped off of my face and chin the rest of his thick creamy teenage cum. Licking my fingers and swallowing the rest of his load, I leaned forward and sucked the remaining cum off of his dick. Saying "Mmmmm, I sure hope theres more where that came from." And, "Do you think this is what our parents meant by me taking care of you this week?!!!" We both chuckled and quickly took another shower before my mom got home....