My ass wanted more

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My ass wanted more

Its all about my first sex with gay man was a total gangbang it was totally unexpected and it happened very sexually and it was greater than my expectations. Talking about me am gay am very innocent and smart looking boy from my childhood and I love crossdressing and am happy with my sexual life too.Here I am going to tell all u guys how it started that I became gay from a normal male .

One day, I was taking a walk alone in a emptypark in the evening time near to my and that day it was rainy and park was covered by rain water every where and nobody was there but I was enjoying the silence in the park it was almost nearing to darken in that place.That time a group of young guys from my college came there along with a friend of mine , John who was also a gay but I never knew that he was a gay. He was around 20yrs and I was 19 only.I thought they are coming for some other thing. But I don't understand why they are there in that time. I thought to vacate the place and just then I turned and had a look at what they were doing there.

I did not understood what they were doing there so I moved little bit closer to thet place in the darkness and after that my friend and one guy from the group moved inside the darkness. I stood behind the tree and started to watch what's happening there. The guy removed his pant zip and took out his penis and my friend stated to suck it. I felt and very horny because my friend was having 6 guys penis in his mouth and sucking them .My friend finished one by one. Afterthat show they left the park.

I did not sleep that night.Next day morning I went to my friends place and waited for him. John came out and stood near me. I touched his hand and I smiled at him and he to smiled back at xnxxv sunny leone video me.Suddenly I asked him can i come to your house . He said ok and we went to his house and he took me to his room there we opened porn site and saw pics of nude peoples and I sat closer to him on the bed and told him to lay on the bed, John did that for me. I strip all my dress in front of him and I kissed him on lips he liked me so I said him I saw him in the park with boys and liked what he did there and John got scared but I started to suck his and slowly I asked him how did he became gay.John said me his uncle made him a gay.

John started to tell about his uncle.John told me that he stayed with his uncle who was 48 years oldman . Oneday while he was sleeping with his uncle he felt something on his chest then he saw his uncle sucking his chest and jerking his old cock. He said that he pushed his uncles head away from his chest. He was warned by his uncle and he got scared and used to be quite.His uncle understood that he was scared so happyly to open his pant's but john dinot allow him to open it then .

Then what happened, I asked him exitedly. John started telling

John told this made him very angry he gave a slap So I allowed him to do that. He removed my pant and I kept my hand on my penis and closed it. He was horny and suddenly he took my mouth with his mouth and sucked that. But he kept his cock between my thigh legs and his cock pressed badly into my and started to pump me with speed and he insert his dick deep in me and sucked my tongue. After few minutes he became slow then he stopped and I felt something warms in my of the buttocks it am a sticky white fluid. He told me to go the bathroom and waste it, I wear the pant and went to the toilet
and washed it.

After a small break he continued. I felt some thing very good about
my body. There my uncle is sucking my penis and jerking his cock with the other hand. After few seconds he took his mouth from my cock and
came near to my face and started to jerk his cock faster and faster warm liquid came out from his cock and I felt on my checks and rubbed his cock on my lips, I turned my face to avoid it. But he didnot allow me to do that.He did that to me regularly, John said

"Do you enjoyed his work?" I asked him."Not in the beginning, but liked it real forced anal against her will after few days.He will have it regularly , I asked

"No, some times he will jerk my cock and some times he will suck's me",John said

John sat near me. I hold his cock and jerked it within few minutes he got up and rush near my mouth so I opened my mouth I took his semen liquid in my mouth, and felt the taste it's a slight salty and sticky thing but it taste very good. When i am enjoying the taste he removed his cock from my mouth and went to wash it. I know washing the cock is the end of the show. 

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