A young boy finds pleasure in collecting candy, so much in fact

that he feels the need to share this pleasure with the people that

populate the small town he lives in. Everyday this boy, and a polite

boy he was, would travel to his favorite nickel candy store, where

he would sneakily supply himself with the sweets necessary to satisfy

his desire to share. This polite, and very well-dressed young man,

would climb to the top of the witches tower, a local landmark, every

other day, just past the lift bridge, on the North hill of this small

town, and throw candies upon candies to the people anxiously waiting

below, winking at them all the while. This went on for months, every

Friday morning, and the crowd grew and grew and grew and grew.



To the crowd’s surprise, this young boy made an announcement

one autumn afternoon after raining sweets upon the suspecting

scene below. “Next week will be my last and it will take place

after dark.” A week passed and Friday night was upon them. The

crowd’s energy was more anxious than ever, standing below the

witches tower, patiently waiting for these sweets to pour down

from above like a transparent candy-colored wave of water. And

he made it pour. He had been collecting road kill from around

the town’s streets all autumn. And it poured, and it poured.

And it poured cats, and it poured dogs, and it poured rabbits

and squirrels and frogs. And the people below quietly laughed

to one another…


Tonight’s the Night.


Please join us for the final exhibition of the 2012 One Nighter Series,

Tonight’s the Night, featuring new work by Justin Thomas Schaefer,

on Friday, November 16, 2012.

3149 1/2 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55408

7-10 PM

Join us Sunday, November 11th

A screening of Super 8 film work from local filmmakers
Kate Casanova, Sam Hoolihan, Jess Hirsch, John Marks,
Stefanie Motta, Alan Gerlach, Terez Iacovino,
Mark Farrell, Kieron Riley Abbott,
Chase Mathey, + more.

Live projections of one-of-a-kind prints

Filmmakers present
A short discussion following
Casual vibes and hot chocolate will be provided

7-9 PM

3149 1/2 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408

The Lower Order is accessible only by walking backwards, backtracking,

back there before the riddle was solved, before a higher organization

was necessary the order of things was simply opulence and abjection,

subject to the elements.  Opportunity is the only factor here, just

throwing elbows until a steady position is found.  The Lower Order is

the elements you see, and only becomes grotesque through its suppression,

its absorption into a more stable structure.   So we reenact the moment

when the Higher Order of things becomes lazy, opaque.  And then the

inevitable creeping begins.  Not steady progress you see, the cunning of the

opportunist is a masquerade.  Becoming an ugly enough weed to need

attention, to be uprooted by a vigilant gardener is only progressive behavior

with a million little seeds connected to umbrellas, ready to burst from the

jolt and invade the entire neighborhood.


Suddenly we find ourselves posing as decorative artists; second rate really,

producing patterns, subject to the monotony of painting more little twisted

flowers, bending wire, harmonious lines.  A filigree is as good as a knot as

long as it conceals the thing itself, becomes a façade, a proper veil produced

by the decadence of the ornamentation itself.   Meanwhile we’re treating the

tap water in the basement, neutralizing the P.H., a nitrate boost on Friday.

Never forget the Nitrate boost on Friday.


A pattern is a single gesture multiplied.  Do the things once and imitate

that five more times.  That entire set of motions is repeated five more time

and we’re getting somewhere, crawling around the surface like a floral

pattern on a sheet, or weeds in the grass.  We’re making the objects

meaningless, emptying them out, overwhelming the things with their own

appearance in order to object to the assumption that space can be emptied

at all, that anything operates as a void.   The Lower Order is the bricks in

the architecture of a Higher Order you see, and the fly finds its way inside

whether the door is opened or not.


Friday, November 9, 2012

7-10 PM

3149 1/2 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55408

flop for ruby

the 5th exhibition of the 2012 one nighter series
with works by Sarah Ann.
friday, october 26th
3149 1/2 hennepin ave

2012 One Nighter Series Schedule:

9/21 when the sick set sail the sea sets them free – Michael Mott

Wopozi issue #2 release party


10/5 10 Chances: No Hustle – An Experimental Urban Artists Residency:

K. Valentine Cadieux, Daniel Dean, John Fleischer, Ben Garthus,

Kelsey Olson, Peter McLarnan, Emily Stover, Chad Rutter,

Lee Walton, and Patricia Healy McMeans


10/12 A showcase of PowerPoint Art by various artists

and PowerPoint Karaoke – Madeline Sorenson


10/19 Hiatus – Lauren Herzak-Bauman and Jehra Patrick


10/26 flop for ruby – Sarah Ann




11/9 The Lower Order – Jonathan Karen and Derek Ernster


11/16 Tonight’s The Night – Justin Thomas Schaefer


Please check back for more updates during the course of the Series!

Friday, October 19, 2012



Lauren Herzak-Bauman and Jehra Patrick collaborate on a temporary

installation which forms a literal and metaphorical hiatus for space,

art objects and the viewing experience. Recognizing the transient

nature of the One-Nighter series, this exhibition allows both artists

to deliniate from practice, material, and concept, to explore more

abstract ideas relevant to both their practices.


Taking a momentary departure or leave of absence from their

traditional methods of working –porcelain and oil on canvas,

respectively – Herzak-Bauman and Patrick collaborate responding to

the liminal nature of the exhibition space using spartan materials

and minimal forms. Their temporary constructions and objects

respond to the installation site itself and reinsert preparatory

and economic materials like wainscoting, drywall, fixtures and

latex paint, as well as reply to the dimensions of the temporary

exhibition space.  Each construction serves as a signifier around

the language of ‘hiatus,’ creating symbolic and physical breaks,

gaps, and hinges that interrupt the space they occupy.


Jehra Patrick’s practice acknowledges art-institutional frameworks as

being responsible for art’s development and the artist’s reciprocal

relationship with the museum. Her work involves investigations of

museum archives and spaces, selecting images to repurpose as the

subject of paintings. By incorporating historical allusions to artists

and movements in her depictions of museum spaces and operations,

Jehra forms a personal index that recognizes and questions the

circumstances that brought them into recognition.


Lauren Herzak-Bauman’s practice is centered on the desire to create a

visual language for loss using clay to make installations and

interventions. She uses porcelain for its physicality, translucency,

and malleability. Allowing porcelain to warp, bend, crack, and break,

in ways that are sometimes considered unwanted, reasserts change

and transformation within her work. Adding materials and textures

reflects a curiosity in decrepit spaces such as abandoned buildings.

Utilizing alternative light source subverts the gallery space and

creates contemplative environments.



3149 1/2 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408


Madeline Sorenson and Art of This invite you to a night of
PowerPoint art and PowerPoint Karaoke!


Friday Oct 12


Featuring Artists:
The Basketball Team (Sophie Weil and Christine Peterson),
Charlotte Ferguson,
Hope Finley,
Sara Fowler,
GraceMarie Keaton
Eric Price,
Christopher Santoso,
Peter Steineck,
Lauren Thorson,
Brian Walbergh


Powerpoint, the time saving, presentation tool created in

1990 by Microsoft, was popularized as a potential art

medium in the early 2000s by David Byrne, with his project

Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information, and lecture,

I ♥ Powerpoint. Since then, Powerpoint is considered less

efficient for professional presentations, but can still set

interesting boundaries for composing and structuring ideas.

The boundaries set by the program bring limitations that,

through operation, provoke a consciousness of the

making process and ultimately dictate the product.


Show off your presentation skills downstairs

at the Powerpoint Karaoke party!


What is Powerpoint Karaoke? It’s a professional game that

salesmen and business students play where a participant is

given a randomly selected Powerpoint presentation to give an

improvisational verbal presentation to.


Hope to see you there!


Dear friends,

Please join us Friday, October 5
as the 10 Chances Resident Artists from Summer 2012

K. Valentine CADIEUX, Daniel DEAN, John FLEISCHER,
and Patricia HEALY McMEANS

team up with the good folks at Art of This
for the second stage of the Residency program – – the work!

This one-night-only show is the first peek into the artists’ studio work
since the think-tank of summer intensive.
7—10 p.m.

3149 1/2 Hennepin Avenue

One Nighter Series

The Second Stage exhibition is the first of several events this Fall which begin to document

our time in residence.

** Please go to our website for weekly podcast releases beginning October 5.

In late July, 9 practicing artists, both local (MSP) and
out-of-state, came together –
taking up temporary work residence in a 2,000-square-foot
former deli on Nicollet Avenue for three weeks.

We thank our inspiring Guest Lecturers this pilot season:

Kinji Akagawa, Cameron Gainer, and Jan Estep
for their provocative and candid conversations and

one-on-one meetings.

All participants were asked to bring an open mind, an open heart, and studio chops.

We hope you and yours can join us after visiting the Jerome Emerging Artists show
also in the Uptown/Whittier neighborhood that night, with its earlier reception of 6-8.


V, Daniel, John, Ben, Kelsey, Pete, Em, Chad, Lee, and Patty

Join us Friday, September 21st for the first exhibition

of the 2012 One Nighter Series:


when the sick set sail the sea sets them free

by Michael Mott


On view 7-10 PM.


This evening also features the release party

of Wopozi Issue #2. Cake will be served.


3149 1/2 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Quilt Stories By Eliza Fernand

In the Summer of 2011, Eliza toured from Idaho to Minnesota,
inviting people to share their quilt stories inside a patchwork
tent. She then wrote songs based on these stories, and with the
help of Robin MacMillan, put them to music. This cassette and
digital download release includes music and field samples.

Please join us this week at MADAME FOR THE ARTS
for another installment of the Tuesday Series.


Jon Coe & Sean Hartman
(electronics, etc…solos and collab)
Charles Gillett
(guitar / electronics)
Adam Patterson


Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave S

Tuesday 8/14/12
8 PM | $3 – 5 | BYOB

Art of This is seeking proposals for its fifth-annual One Nighter
, to be held in the fall of 2012. The Series is a unique format
made up of project-specific exhibitions that are each on view for just
one night only. While all media and disciplines are welcome, the
project should consider the spirit of an ephemeral one-night event.



To apply, email a project proposal (one page maximum) and up to five
images of previous work to onenighterseries@artofthis.net. Each
selected proposal will receive a stipend of up to $300. Individual
artists, collaborative projects, artist groups, fake corporations,
fake artists, and any mixture human and non-human artists will be
equally considered.


Application deadline: August 1, 2012

Applicants will be notified on August 12, 2012.


For more information, and to see examples of previous One Nighter
events, visit artofthis.net or email onenighterseries@artofthis.net.


.     .     .     ..     .     .     ..     .     .     ..     .     .     ..     .     .     ..     .     .     .



As part of Northern Spark 2012, AOT presents All Nighter,
a series of performances about the 9–5 workday. While working
through the night, AOT invites viewers to reflect on workplace
routines and patterns as they observe our endurance and labor.


Included in the evening’s events is NOT TO SCALE, a performative
large-scale installation that will happen during the course of the
night. AOT invites viewers to look up and marvel at our message to
the night sky.


NOT TO SCALE is organized Jenny Bookler, Alyson Coward,
and Katy Vonk


Main Street
333 SE Main Street


Upcoming Events!
Dressing Room and Bindery Projects!


New projects are being presented in alternative gallery
spaces all the time! Here are two more:


Adam Caillier and Justin Schlepp
The Rough-Tongued Bell

@ Dressing Room
504 E. 24th St. #3A
Mpls Minn
Friday May 18, 2012  7-10pm


Matt McAuliffe
City of Glass

@ Bindery Projects
708 Vandalia 4th Fl.
St. Paul Minn
Saturday May 19, 2012  7-9pm

We are very happy to host the first Tuesday Series event
post-wall demolition. Please come out to celebrate a
bigger and better room for future performances.
We are also happy to host Noise Quean Ant again,
the last time they played the series was back in the final
days of Acadia!
Also, please note another exciting Crow With No Mouth
concert on May 13th, details below …
Noise Quean Ant (electronics, bass, etc)
Scott Brown
Brady Lenzen
Blake Peterson

Visions of Christ (tape)
Casey Deming
John Jerry

John Marks (synthesizer)

Madame of the Arts3401 Chicago Ave S. Mpls, MN
Tuesday, May 1st, 20128 PM | $3-5


Crow With No Mouth


Twin Cities International Film Festival


The Minneapolis produced film, The Sound of Small Things,
will be having its Minnesota premier at the Minneapolis-St.
Paul International Film Festival on Tuesday, April 24 at 7pm,
in the main theater at St. Anthony Main. The film, funded in
part by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, features
performances and contributions from several practicing artists
and AOT alumni from the Twin Cities, including photographer/
musician/filmmaker Sam Hoolihan, dancer/choreographer
Cara Ann Krippner, and multi-instrumentalists Mike and Nick
Hoolihan. Written and directed by Pete McLarnan, with
photography by Minneapolis/Brooklyn based filmmaker Brennan
Vance and sound by AOT co-founder John Marks, the film had its
world premier at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City,

Tuesday, March 27th
Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave S. Mpls
8 PM | $3-5
(last to first)

L.L. Bean
Ryan Wurst (electronics)
Erin Hael (movement)
Jaded Matron (voice & electronics)
Isa Gagarin
Beth Chekola

Liz Jacobs
(worth the mystery)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wednesday, March 28th
U of MN West Bank

Albert Elmore
& Casey Deming

present their

w130 Regis Center for Art (west)
418 21st Ave S Mpls
7 PM | free or donation



Tuesday Series at Madame
Bryce Beverlin II (percussion and voice)
Mike Hallenbeck (laptop)
Jonathan Kaiser
Alden Ikeda
(percussion and laptop)
Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave S Mpls
Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
8 PM | $3-5 | BYOB

Another wonderful lineup this week

Justin Meyers
(modular synthesizer)
Jon Davis & Naomi Joy
(violin, clarinets, voice)
Davu Seru & Elaine Evans
(violin, percussion, pocket trumpet)

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
8 PM | $3-5 suggested donation

Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave S Mpls

the premiere edition of no holds presents
an 8 channel immersive work by John Marks
february 22, 2012  7pm doors / 7:30pm performance
w130 regis center for art (west) umn west bank
418 21st avenue S minneapolis, MN 55455

The Tuesday Series is hosting Tim Kaiser (Duluth, MN) this Saturday @ Madame
An evening organized by the wonderful Kevin Cosgrove
Bryce Beverlin II, Casey Deming & Tim Glenn
John Marks cutting
sounds in between sets
Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave S Mpls, MN
Saturday, February 18th 2012
9 PM | $5

We sincerely thank all of you who have supported this project, much love!
The nice thing about kickstarter is that we keep everything extra we raise beyond our goal.
We still have 11 days left so keep the donations coming, all proceeds will go towards rental costs and artist stipends
We’ll gladly take cash donations too if you’d rather not sign up for an Amazon account through kickstarter.
Thank you again !!
Now, down to business.
We’ve got a wonderful line-up planned for this week
Come check it out:

John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn





Please help support the Tuesday Improvised Music Series
at Madame for the Arts. This series serves as a catalyst for
community building around improvised music by presenting
emerging and established artists twice a month in a casual
environment at Madame of Arts in Minneapolis. Funds from
this project will go directly to the rental costs of The Tuesday
Series. And we need your help!


The Series strives to minimize the boundaries inherent to
traditional concert settings, holding events in such venues as
Gus Lucky’s, Acadia Theatre, Art of This Gallery, Franklin Art
Works, and Madame of the Arts. Beginning by presenting a
dedicated core of local performers, the The Series has grown
with the expanding Twin Cites improvised music community,
and now programs national and international artists regularly.
The Series will continue to present concerts at Madame of the
Arts in 2012, centrally located at 3401 Chicago Avenue in

Only 13 days to go, please consider donating today!






The pre-holiday events just keep on coming!


Friday December 16  6-9pm
Katelyn Farstad @ Shoebox Gallery

“Tap in the tree, tap at that sap, rocking in such
sweet pendulums, my heart beats a little off from
nervous premonitions of grandeur, or seemingly
obvious shortcomings that are seemingly obvious
for a reason. That reason however, is unknown.
To give a mile only takes an inch. If one sets out to
instigate waves, you gotta make sure you wear your
life vest in the wave pool. Painting is like a wave
pool. Maybe everyone would rather be at the ocean…
everyone looks like the are having a good time but you
know there are a few kids scared shitless and balling
salty tears as their faces get smoked time and time
again by the predictable and simulated slaps of life
essence”.-Katelyn Farstad


Saturday December 17  6-9pm
Monster Drawing Rally @ Midway Contemporary
Just in time for the holidays the annual Midway
Contemporary Art Monster Drawing Rally arrives
for a night  of community art making (mixed with
some gawking) and an amazing opportunity to
purchase  art by local artists. 


Check out the bevy of things to do and see before you become
overwhelmed with the holidays.


#1 – Tuesday Improv Music Series @ Franklin Artworks
Tuesday, December 6 @ 8pm

The Tuesday Improvised Music Series, Taiga Records and Franklin
are pleased to present percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani
and the Nakatani Gong Orchestra. The NGO is an ensemble comprised
of a different group of five artists specific to each of the cities on
Nakatani’s North American tour. The Twin Cities’ artists performing for
one night only in this rare and exciting setting include Adam Patterson,
Jackie Beckey, Jonathan Kaiser, Kevin Cosgrove and Jonathan Zorn.
Local improv-rock quartet, Take Acre and tape music duo, Visions of
will perform in a first-time collaboration to round out this evening
of world premiers.

#2 – Walker Art Center Launches New Website
You gotta check out the Walker’s new website. This thing is an online
hotrod and is getting rave reviews from around the globe. What more
could we have asked for? This thing has articles about Walker projects,
news from beyond on brrrr-y borders, links to local blogs and mnartists.
org, all presented in an accessible and articulate way. Kudos to the New
Media team and Paul Schmelzer, and of course to Director Olga Viso.
You have done it again.

#3 – Ruben Nusz @ Thomas Barry Fine Arts
Opening Reception – Friday, December 9, 6-9pm
Local artist Ruben Nusz presents “Sticks/Stones,” a new body of
paintings that explore the non-verbal language of painting as well
as the metaphysics associated with painting’s potential for illusions.
Prepare to be wowed.

Dose by David Pitman $10

62 tracks of pure phonographic excellence.

This release surveys the vast sonic archive maintained

by artist/administrator/pirate radio DJ David Pitman.

Like brief glimpses into an innumerous set of situations.

Reproduced here in a MP3 disk accompanied

by a 8 panel booklet packaged in a clear jewel case.

The artist’s intention is to scatter these 19 second tracks

into your music stream randomly.




What a long strange journey it has been, indeed. Please
join us this weekend for two exciting events that will conclude
the 2011 One Nighter Series.


Friday, October 28  8-11pm
Hopsack Painting Inc. presents “Capitalism Kills”
rganized and operated by Broc Blegen, Hopsack Painting Co.
will employ the talents of artists Matt Lawler and Jake Dwyer for
this unique project. At Hopsack Painting Co, they use the same
tools and materials as traditional painting companies, except their
employees use them in creative ways. By only hiring artists and
limiting their color palette to white primer and Hopsack (the #1
best-selling paint color in the US) they are able to focus on exploring
new patterns, textures, lines, and processes to make compelling
abstract compositions directly on your wall!



Sunday, October 30 8-11pm
“In the Pale” organized by Jonathon Thomas

Featuring the work of artists Aaron Anderson, Justin Schlepp,
Martha Colburn, Cameron Gainer, Alex Hubbard, Justin Matherly,
Peter Tscherkassky, Stan Vanderbeek, Liz Wendelbo, and
C. Spencer Yeh, In the Pale will bring together a selection of 16mm
films, videos, prints, a sculpture, and a photograph that all deal
somehow with darkness, masking, or splitting. Very scary, indeed.



See you in 2012!



Tuesday, 10/18  7-9m

Andy Sturdevant – 2012 U.S. Cities Contemporary
Art Rankings: A New Hierarchical Approach

Andy Sturdevant convenes a group of artists, writers, gallery-
goers and arts patrons — including you — to collaboratively
place each of America’s 125 largest metropolitan statistical
areas into a five-tiered hierarchy that will definitively answer,
once and for all, where every major U.S. city stands in the eyes
of the contemporary art world today.


Wednesday 10/19  7-9pm
AOT Book Fair!
Featuring book projects from Chad Rutter, Sam Hoolihan,
AOT Imprint, Dressing Room, Midway Contemporary,
Scott Nedrelow and more!Come peruse all the books and book-like
objects, as well as meet with their makers/publishers at what should
be a fun-filled evening. Feel free to bring your own books too.
Books for sale and trade!

Friday 10/21  8-11pm
Greg Carideo – Palm Trees, Beaches, Bushes and Benches
Recent Jerome Fellowship recipient Greg Carideo presents new works
of hope and despair, upstairs, downstairs and maybe even out back.




Quodlibetica Salon Part 2 – Sunday @ 6pm!

The second portion of this scintillating series, Quodlibetica
editors Christina Schmid, Collier White, and Tom Haakenson
(quodlibetica@gmail.com) will host and moderate the salons.

Feel free to bring your questions, concerns, insights, and criticisms.
We hope to see you there!


Curious by Squid Fist  $10
This release captures a stellar performance by the Minneapolis
trio of Bryce Beverlin II, Casey Deming, and Timothy Glenn.
Recorded live at Madame of the Arts, offered here in CD-R format
and digital download, along with 4 original CMYK silk screen
prints in a hand-printed and cut 7inch envelope.

ONE NIGHTER #5 – {Silent} Films
Stefanie Motta and Nicholas Hoolihan

With a nod to early cinema and silent film, Stefanie Motta
and Nicholas Hoolihan will collaborate on a film screening/
performance combining Super 8 footage with piano accompaniment.
Using small gestures and simple technology, {Silent} Films will high-
light the beauty found in ordinary moments, evoking humor, curiosity,
and nostalgia.
There will be three live performances throughout the night at 8pm, 9pm,
and 10pm. Additional photographic and video work will be on display
all evening.

Friday, October 7 , 7-11pm
AOT Space – 4 E. Franklin Ave. – Mpls


Please join us this Tuesday

to celebrate our AOT Imprint Release

as part of this year’s one-nighter series

w/ a large-scale botanical installation

accompanied by slides, film works & music.


Squid Fist

Ventures Cover Band

DJ Fast Elvis


Botanical Slides by Lisa McGrath

New films by Trevor Adams

Plants and Material Installations by

Squid Fist, Celestine Puéringer & the Organ Haus




10/2 – Cereal Breakfast @10am


10/4 – AOT Imprint Release Party for Squid Fist  @8pm


10/7 – Stephanie Motta @8pm


10/9 – Cereal Breakfast @10am


10/12 – Jess Hirsh @7pm


10/14 – Basketball Team @8pm


10/16 – Cereal Breakfast @10am
Quoblibetica Salon pt.2 @6pm


10/19 – Book Fair: A Group Book Release Party – 7-9pm


10/21 – Greg Carideo @8pm


10/28 – Hopsack Painting Co. @ 8pm


Stay tuned for more details…


AOT One Nighter Series
4 E. Franklin Ave.
Mpls, 55404




Alex Vada by John Marks $5

This 47 minute cassette presents a meditative exploration

of purely electronic sources that polarizes the constructs

of maximalism and reduction, composing a swelling bed of

machine-made organicism.

New Video Work by Ben Moren and Aaron Steffes

Art of This presents A Night of Video Work by Ben Moren
and Aaron Steffes
. During this event, Ben Moren will present
looping super8 films, digital projections, audience based stop-
motion animation, audience produced films, and live, on the
spot, processing and projecting of super8 film stock.  Aaron
Steffes’s video work, Junky Farm, will also be on display.
This narrative video blends, as he describes, “ideas of urban
and rural strife that starts to resemble a hallucination.”

Ben Moren is a candidate in the MFA Program at the
University of Minnesota. Aaron Steffes is an artist living
and working in Milwaukee.


AOT Space, 4 East Franklin Ave. Mpls
Saturday, September 17   8-11pm



Katelyn Reece Farstad – RAGBAGSALAD


Disjointed, square peg in a circle hole, optimism drains like an
hourglass, pit fall, pit stop, pigeon holed, new feelings, gut rot,
tepid pursuits, caged laments, holistic nepotism, terrified joy,
schematic seduction…an attempt at making something beautiful,
through blind and desperate executions, sensory ecstasy without
any baggage. Unadulterated out-pour. RAGBAGSALAD


Saturday, September 10   8-11pm
4 E. Franklin

This week in the Tuesday Improvised Music Series!


Three exciting performances, all duos, for this week’s installment
of the Improvised Music Series.


Termination Shock (Jesee Whitney and Tim Glenn)
modular synth, guitar and electronics


Bryce Beverlin II and Jaron Childs
percusision+voice, lapsteel


Jackie Beckey and Jonathan Kaiser
viola and cello


Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave. S.
Tues. Aug 30 @ 8pm
$3-5 & byob



Hopsack Painting Co @ Dressing Room – Saturday Aug. 27


Organized and operated by Broc Blegen, and employing a team
of cohorts/painters, Hopsack Painting Co. uses Valspar Corp’s
best-selling paint color, Hopsack, for all of its projects. However,
instead of painting in the traditional brush and roller manner of
most contractors, Hopsack painters are free to focus on experimenting
with new techniques and processes, explore materiality, make dynamic
compositions and abstract paintings, employ performance, and more.
For this special remodeling project, Hopsack has utilized the talents of
Katelyn Farstad, who has transformed DR’s plain white wall into a
fabulous new work of art. And of course, as usual, this Dressing Room
project will be accompanied by an edition of artist-made books.


Hopsack Painting Co.
Saturday, August 27  7-10pm
Dressing Room




The Tuesday Series returns with an exciting line-up of
several local Improv veterans, favorites from back in the day!


Montgomery Ward
(Patrick “Trout” Lein & Steve Earnest)



Aerosol Pike
(Philip Mann, Rick Ness, Ryan Reber)


Madame of the Arts
3401 Chicago Ave S Mpls, MN

August 16th, 2011
8 PM | BYOB | $3-5



One of AOT’s most successful programs, the One Nighter Series,
will return this fall! To be held in a TBA location over the months
of Septempber and October, this year’s One Nighter is being
organized by recent MCAD graduates Alyson Coward, Kelly Filreis,
Katy Vonk, Jenny Moxley, Maura Doyle and  AJ Warnick.




We need your help to ensure that the One Nighter Series is a big
success! Please visit our Kickstarter micro-fundraising site to make
a quick and easy donation to this exciting and vital project. Your
contribution is greatly appreciated!


XYandZ Gallery / Trylon Microcinema
3258 Minnehaha Ave S

Thursday, July 28 7-11pm


A single evening presentation of the various collaborative pursuits of
Eric Carlson, Fletcher Barnhill, Derek Maxwell, and Aaron Anderson.
The show will consist of new drawings and work installed in the gallery,
a selection of durational pieces screening in the Trylon Microcinema
from 7 to 9,  and musical performances by Radical Cemetery, Cage 3
and others in the space throughout the evening.

Machine Project – Summer Jubilee II


For the past two weeks The Walker Art Center has
welcomed the L.A. collective Machine Project to Open Field.
Whether investigating art, technology, natural history, music,
literature, food, or any of a wide span of interests, Machine
Project approaches everything they do with a curiosity and
enthusiasm that’s infectious.

So check out the second and final Summer Jubilee moment
this Thursday, July 28th for an entire day of melons, music,
movies and mowers on the Open Field.


Thursday, July 28: Summer Jubilee Field Day

11:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–3, 4:30–5:30, and even 7–8



Much to report, all the goings-on this week in Mpls.


#1 Tuesday Improvised Music Series
String Quartet (Davu Seru, Naomi Joy, Elaine Evans, and Daniel Furuta)


Glue Clinic (Matt Himes and Jason Millard)


Paul Metzger and Charles Gillett


3401 Chicago Ave. S.
8pm BYOB!

#2 OPENING!  Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program!

Please attend the opening for Scott Nedrelow’s exhibit, “Movie” and
Adam Callier and Michael Mott’s collaborative “Finally, we are all
young again.”

This Thursday, 7/22 from 7-9pm
Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program Gallery
Minneapolis Institute of Arts

AOT continues to need your help! Please contribute to the Kickstarter
campaign to raise the needed rent and artist stipends for the upcoming
One Nighter Series. We need all the help we can get and are counting
on you. Yes, you!


Also, if you are interested in contacting the One Nighter Series about
your project, or have any other questions about the program please
contact them! Here they are – onenighterseries(at)gmail.com


Aaron Anderson @ Dressing Room – Saturday, July 9


Presenting a new work and book project, Aaron Anderson
will be showing us just about everything this Saturday night
with a show he has titled “Reflections.” Whether or not you
were lucky enough to catch his project at They Won’t Find Us
Here Gallery a few weeks ago, you definitely don’t want to
miss this one.



Reflections by Aaron Anderson
Saturday July 9, 8-11pm
Dressing Room

Tuesday Improv Series – July 5!


Oh what a night! This Tuesday at Madame of the Arts, the
Tuesday Series will feature 3 touring acts and new local duo
(or have they been around for a while) John Marks and Crystal
Myslajek. How can you beat that?


Sudden Oak – San Fransisco
(lap-steel + sax)


Palmetto Moon Electronic Group – Charleston, SC
(analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines, microcassette,
and field recordings)


John Niekrasz – Portland, OR
(percussion + voice)


Glitter Pig – Crystal Myslajek / John Marks
(electronic piano, modular synthesizer, tape)


MADAME of the Arts

3401 chicago ave s
(enter side door in mural)

7 / 5 / 11
doors 730 | music @ 8 sharp
$3 – 5

All Systems Go!


Hee-ha! After a a grueling wrestling match between this very
website and our very selves, we have at long last defeated the
many bugs that were plaguing both the site and your lovely
artist pages. As of last count, we (and by ‘we’ I mean you and
me) are up to 23 pages, each unique and wonderful in their own
way. And with any luck, there are many more to follow soon.

Isa Newby Gagarin @ Dressing Room


Isa Newby Gagarin presents When Her Son Flies in the Sky
at Dressing Room this weekend. With this new project, Isa
poetically explores the facts and fictions, and the twists and
turns of the not-so-certain origins of herself and her family
making poignant stops along the way at Maui’s Hale ‘akala
volcano, circular rainbows and the dark side of the moon.
And as usual, there will be a new DR publication to compliment
the exhibition.
I haven’t even seen it yet but you know it’s freaking gorgeous.


When Her Son Flies in the Sky by Isa Newby Gagarin
Dressing Room
Saturday, June 25  7-10pm

Marsh of Sleep – Isa Newby Gagarin $10

Our first release is a combination 82-page book and 24-minute cassette

with cyanotype inserts entitled Marsh of Sleep by Isa Newby Gagarin.

The book is an exercise in Isa’s use of arranged appropriated images and

original drawings to create possible histories. The audio component of 

Marsh of Sleep explores gravitational, accidental, and durational

aesthetics by utilizing chance operation, found object percussion, and

tape – all cut live – in one take in a South Minneapolis living room.

In tandem, the two relate to Isa’s larger Dead Sea Library project.

This release is in a very limited edition of 50.

Technical Difficulties! Vanishing Pages!


Dear AOT Open Studios Artists and Visitors,
We are currently experiencing some unforeseen technical difficulties with
the new site. Please don’t panic, especially you John Marks. Your page,
and any others that have vanished, will reappear soon.
I promise, and thank you all for your patience and support.


Love, Internet


Two McKnight Photo Shows – One Saturday Night!

If I could explain it, you know I would, so don’t ask.
Somehow both the 2009 and 2010 McKnight Photography Fellowship
exhibitions are this evening at two separate venues. The exhibition
for the 2009 recipients of the award, featuring Paul Shambroom,
Lex Thompson, Carrie Thompson, and Monica Haller
will be located
at Franklin Artworks. Meanwhile, over at Midway Contemporary, the
2010 show will feature Chuck Avery, Gina Dombrowski, Amy Eckert,
and Karl Raschke.

Both events are from 7-10pm.

Two events are coming this weekend from two our favorite people:
Aaron Anderson and John Waters!

Opening Saturday is Absentee Landlord, an exhibition curated by
Baltimore’s favorite son (although I suppose it depends on who you
ask), John Waters. A curatorial intervention in the ongoing exhibition
Event Horizon, I am having a difficult time imagining how John’s
vision of the Walker’s collection isn’t going to induce both some
smiles and some ire.

Beginning Thursday and continuing through Saturday at the always
challenging They Won’t Find Us Here Gallery, is Aaron Anderson‘s
/Light/Smoke? &&& The Chimerical Shape. Each of the three events
shall begin at sundown and last for nearly two hours. Beyond that,
your guess is as good as mine.

Boy am I outta the loop! I honestly had no clue as to how large this
Northern Spark project is going to be. Not that its quantity will
equate with quality but who cares? All your friends are going to
be there!

As are mine, and here’s a list of the projects that I know about:
Pete McLarnan (cheese, pictured) @ Black Dog Cafe in St. Paul


RO/LU on the roof of  Soap Factory and boating down the river


Amanda Lovelee @ MN Center for Book Arts


Piotr Syzhalski and a whole bunch of people down at the
Father Hennepin Bluff


Red76 @ the St. Paul Central Library


Marcus Young and GraceMN sleepover in the Walker
(i really hate to miss this one, seriously)


AJ Warnick (godblessem) is playing some crazy Commie v. Cappy
virtual soccer match @ MCAD


Jim Campbell stole the name of a show at AOT about a year ago


SOOVAC is doing some sort of carnival on Lyndale
(a carnival sounds familiar too)


Snapshot Shanty is back and not on the ice. But it’s up on Broadway,
so watch for the fallen trees and give people a hand if they need it.


And a whole bunch of other stuff I don’t even know about yet.
I guess you will just have to check it out!

Things to check out this weekend, the first of June…………………..
Mark Manders: Parallel Occurrences/Documented Assignments
at WAC with a lecture tonight @ 6pm!


Northern Spark kicks off in about 48 hours and includes projects
by AJ Warnick, Chris Baker, the Art Shanty Projects, RO/LU,
Pete McLarnan, Amanda Lovelee, and Marcus Young and GraceMN.


The Walker Art Center’s Open Field begins this weekend too.
Pack your lunch!

Tuesday Series Performances this week, 5/31

John Zuma Saint Pelvyn
Lisa McGrath and Matt Wacker
Eric Lunde


3401 Chicago Ave. S.

This weekend, two gigantic art projects: Constellation and Heliotrope!

Find all sorts of art projects in local houses, apartments,
frontyards, backyards, garages, porches that will be taking place during
the 3-day project, Constellation. Organized by Lacey Prpic Hedtke and
former AOT-member Kevin Loecke, Constellation explores the ways in
which art is an integral part of our daily lives and will have exhibitions,
performances, screenings and more throughout South Minneapolis.


At the Loring Theater you will find Heliotrope 8 which means non-
stop underground and experimental bands, some of which are amazing
and amazingly loud. Although the three nights’ concerts are not free,
you are certainly going to get your money’s worth with outfits such as
Mother of Fire, Daughters of the Sun, and Skoal Kodiak. For real.


Welcome to the new Art of This website.
While we are still working out some pesky bugs,
many of the features are functioning just fine.
And stay tuned as the Open Studios page fills up with
artists and their work. It’s certainly exciting to see
your name all big and pretty!
We also have an easy way to Apply for a page of your very own.
Just send me an email! We can’t wait to have you.